Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't Forget the Garage Doors

Garage doors are often overlooked. However, according to a recent New York Times article titled "Garage Doors for All Seasons," this would be a mistake. Garage doors serve as a crucial component of a home's curb appeal.
In addition, garage doors can be a significant source of heat loss. Without breaking the bank, a typical wood or fiberglass garage door can be replaced with an insulated steel door that could save a homeowner hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs.
Installing an automatic garage door opener continues to be popular among homeowners. Newer automatic doors are quieter and many can be wired to run on a backup battery. Additionally, all new automatic openers have federally mandated safety features. For example, a photoelectric eye six inches from the bottom allows the door to immediately stop closing if a toy or child breaks the beam. 
Garage doors should not be overlooked as they can increase curb appeal, protect against heat loss and be an attractive feature to potential homebuyers.

Smitha Ramchandani is a licensed real estate professional at Weichert Realtors' Morristown West, New Jersey office. She is a Certified Buyer Specialist, a Home Marketing Expert and also an expert in buying and selling of townhouses and condominiums. You can reach Smitha at: 973-252-8245 (Res.) or online at: http://www.Morris-Homes.com or http://www.TheTownhouseExpert.com or http://www.TheTownhomeExpert.com