Monday, March 16, 2015

Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets: The Options and Cost

[original article by: Jan Soults Walker]
Have you been considering refaceing your kitchen cabinets? If you have it is a very smart decision.  Kitchen refacing is more cost effective and takes far less time than a full remodek.  Here are some options & costs.

Effort needed:  Med 2 - 4 days | Investment: (median) $1,000 - $3,000 (laminate refacing)
Refacing your kitchen cabinets includes covering the exposed frames with a thin veneer or true wood or a plastic laminate.  Doors and drawer fronts are then replaced to match or compliment the new veneer you have chosen.  Finally, adding new hinges, knobs, pulls, and molding with complete the transformation of your kitchen!

What are some of the Pros & Cons?
The Pros:
            - Overall cost is about half as much as replacing cabinets.
            - Takes far less time & money (project can be completed in a week or less!)
            - It is less of a hassle than tearing our cabinets.
            - You can still use your kitchen while refacing. 
            - It's a green kitchen remodeling solution because you're not adding to the landfill. 

Very short list of Cons:
            - Refacing won't fix a bad kitchen design.
- You might be tempted to spend more on exotic veneer and hardware (saving you less)

What does Refacing Cost?
A professional cabinet refacing for a typical 10-by-12-foot kitchen starts at around $1,000-$3,000 for laminate. Expect to pay $2,500-$6,000 for real wood veneer. Costs can rise to $7,000-$9,000 or more for a large project with high-quality wood veneer.
Finishing the project with new hardware (pulls, knobs, hinges) runs $2-$4 per piece, up to $20-$50 each for high-end hardware.
In comparison, completely replacing old kitchen cabinets with new cabinets starts at $4,000-$5,000 and up for stock cabinets; $8,000-$10,000 for semi-custom cabinets; $16,000-$20,000 and up for custom-made cabinetry.

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