Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Decorate Your Home With Grandma's Antiques

We have all experienced this before at one time or another, that moment your realize you have such an abundance of old antiques that have been passed on from family or friends before us, but seemingly nothing to do with them.  While these may items that you would like to incorporate into your homes interior design, the problem for most people is that they are unable to figure out where to place these ornate pieces to best display them.  Thankfully, here are some awesome tips for making use of those antique heirlooms.

Use furniture as a focal point :
As interior design style changes over time it may feel like a challenge to put your family's antiques to proper use. The best way to mix furniture styles is to create a focal point featuring the antique piece on display.

Create a grouping :
If you have a number of smaller items that you’ve inherited and want to use, don’t scatter them across the house. Instead, group them all together in one place and use them as a focal point for friends and family. Decorative plates, photographs and paintings make great wall art.

Determine what is useful :
There was a time when all this furniture wasn’t just on display. Before they were antiques, they were functional. Use this opportunity to try and functionally fit these pieces into your home, giving them new life. 

Know when to let go :
After all the effort of trying to put to use these antiques that you've had stored away, you may realize that certain items no longer have a practical use for you.  If this is the case, you have a few options; sell what you can; donate other pieces to people who can use them. If you love them but can’t keep them, give them to other family members who can use them.

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