Thursday, January 29, 2015

Maximize Your Selling Potential During Winter Months

Some individuals in the industry may say that winter is the worst time to see your home.  Taking into account that the weather is cold and stormy which may pose challenges, but that shouldn’t get you discouraged.  First impressions are certainly lasting impressions when it comes to Real Estate especially in regards turning potential buyers into active buyers.  It is important to be wary that the slightest discomfort or issue can sort of sour the overall experience BUT no need to worry, by keeping these 5 key areas in mind, any winter woe can easily be avoided.

   1.)  Don’t Let Winter be an Obstacle:
It’s snowing or a winter storm has just passed, but you still have showings booked for your home.  (Hey, it looks like you have motivated buyers to go out in that weather!)  Be sure to shovel your walkway as well as your driveway to ensure easy and safe access to the property. 
   2.)  Consider Your Home’s Temperature:
Typically, buyers are viewing more than one home at a time, thus traveling from point A to point B, and running in and out of cars.  Also be mindful that they will be dressed to counter the winter chill, so while having the heat dialed way up may be great while lounging on the couch but it can actually make the environment oppressive for visiting buyers.  Always have the temperature of the whole house set to an appropriate temperature.
   3.)  Get Buyers Out of the Dark and Into the Light:
Be sure to have adequate light in each room to make it feel warm and inviting.  Keeping it bright will allow you to set the mood and save buyers from fumbling for light switches.  Remember first impressions.  
    4.)    Preparation is Key:
Lets’ face it, no one likes having snow and dirt tracked around their home by shoes or wet socks, same as no one enjoys having wet socks and dodging puddles in the doorway.  Be sure to post a “Shoes OFF” sign.  Placing an absorbent mat will protect your hardwood or stone flooring from water.
   5.)  Pet – Friendly – AND Groomed!:
If you happen to own pets, be sure to have the appearance of clean pets…especially dogs.  The last thing you want is the smell of wet dog greeting your buyers at the front door. 

Rahul and Smitha Ramchandani are a licensed real estate Broker-Salesperson/Sales Representative Team with Keller Williams in New Jersey. They are Buyer Specialists and Home Marketing Experts. You can reach Rahul and Smitha and their team online at: or